Friday, September 10, 2010

A Blast from the Past: Posters for Auction from "The Bank" Rock Club in Torrance

It's a blast from the past because my first husband, Robert A. Wilson, drew this poster along with a number of others in 1968. They have now become collectors' items and there is an auction running right this minute that includes six of the posters. (Just type "bank" in the keyword search.) The photo is not great, but the seller probably doesn't want anyone making excellent prints from it. Five other posters from The Bank are also in this auction. I don't have the typing capacity at the moment to rattle on about experiences from The Bank when we'd go each week to take the posters and see the shows, but I've typed them to several people in the past, and there are some web sites around that have included my input or comments. Here's one TAPIR STORY on my web site that includes Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead from those crazy times at The Bank!

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