Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aug 9, Bend, Part 3: Megaflowers - Breakfast at Nancy P's

It's on the border between downtown and residential, and its yard is overflowing with life, both green and colorful.

I had actually wanted oatmeal for breakfast, but Adam wanted Ashley to experience Nancy P's. It's a bakery. They didn't have oatmeal. Oddly, I wasn't in the mood for quiche (which is excellent here), so I ate some bad things that tasted wonderful - a carrot cake cupcake with tons of frosting, and a bran muffin with berries that was to die for. The weather was great. Here's Adam at our outdoor table in front of a hanging basket of purple petunias.

On the other side of the patio were pink petunias. Can this place grow flowers, or what?

A twining vine.


Translucent purple petunias. I love this! The flowers above surrounded us on the patio.

Some young apples on a tree near the dining patio. It really takes me back to some of my favorite things about Grandma's house - all gone now.

Lovely flowers along the sidewalk at Nancy P's.

Queen Anne's lace.

There's a wonderful combination of vegetation here - the flowers, the pines, the apple tree above.

More flowers along the sidewalk.

This is probably a gaillardia. I learned the name today.

Lots of gaillardia. Long may they bloom!

If you like flowers (and who doesn't?), visit Floral Friday and follow the Mr. Linky link.


Day4plus said...

Beautiful shots, Sheryl. the hanging baskets this seem to be extra beautiful everywhere. MB

Floral Friday said...

Beautiful contribution to the day! Thank you so much for posting on Floral Friday!