Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working on N.C. Hudson's original letters again

Hi All,

I am back into the writing mode after giving a lot of thought to how to proceed with this project. I've started a new blog for a segment of N.C. Hudson's life story. The blog will be a work in progress about writing the book (a manageable section of the old material that came down in the family) and I will also be posting a lot of excerpts or complete letters. If you're interested in following, I'm also interested in getting some feedback as things come up. He signs his letters N.C. Hudson, or more familiarly, Hudson, but his full name was Nathaniel Carlos Hudson. He grew up in Vermont, taught school in Georgia, studied law in New York (Poughkeepsie), ran a law firm in Iowa, ran a business or businesses in Iowa and Missouri, and finally settled in Corona, California, for the last years of his life, where he was quite active in many endeavors. The book I have planned at this point will cover the law and romance years in Iowa.

Working title for the new blog is, "N.C. Hudson: Love on the Prairie."



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