Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19: Cruise ship "The World" glides past Astoria

Luckily, I heard from my neighbor that the ship was due within the half hour, gliding downriver from Portland. I hadn't seen it on the day it went up. Not only is The World huge (also, bright, shiny, and beautiful), but it's unlike most cruise ships in that these are not staterooms, but condos. The berths come in several sizes, and they are owned, not rented for the trip. Some people live here year-round, and others use it as a second home. The ship sails the world, and wouldn't it be nice to be onboard? I think so!

Dulcye Taylor's photos on Facebook give you some idea of how big this ship is compared to the normal big ships we see. You may have to be a Facebook member to get this link.


Don and Krise said...

I have never heard of that before. Owning a spot on one of these ships. Well, I guess money does talk. WOW! P.S. I thought I'd come over here and check out your other blog too.

Jacob said...

I've heard about these ships and their pricey accommodations...but it's sort of like having a home on the water - all over the world. It wouldn't be my lifestyle, but evidently there are many people so disposed.

Beautifully composed and lit shot!