Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Market in Astoria

Nice hair!

I took this photo while looking toward the Columbia River from somewhere near the middle of the Sunday Market's lineup of white tents. This is a summer event much enjoyed by Astorians. It occurs rain or shine. We look forward to buying fresh fruit and vegetables, starter plants, looking at and sometimes buying hand-made jewelry and many other crafted items and artwork, running into friends and generally relaxing from work. One of the rules for having a booth at Sunday Market is that you have to make the products yourself. This makes the event continually interesting, friendly, and ever-changing.

If you walk toward the river and turn right, The Animal Store (my business) is only two blocks down the River Walk. I've especially enjoyed being close to the market these past two years. The dark blue shapes you see at the end of the street are actually the hills on the other side of the river in Washington.

Facing away from the river: On the left in the old bank building, is Mike's Columbia River Day Spa. Getting a salt scrub, facial, or massage with warm, rounded stones is a real treat!

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