Monday, January 14, 2008

Iguana at Miami Seaquarium

Seeing this beautiful dinosaur-looking iguana was one of the highlights from our day at Miami Seaquarium on January 14, 2008. Sue and I were invited to visit Safari, Ltd., one of our vendors for the Tapir and Friends online gift shop. It was a wonderfully peaceful day at the aquarium. The weather was cool, the people were few, and the animals highly visible and for the most part seeming to enjoy themselves. I got lucky with the iguana pix. Most were in focus. This guy was in the branches of a tree only a few feet away. It was amazing to watch him (her, it) pulling branches toward his mouth with his long feet and angle the branch and/or his head for each bite. You can see how his body is completely bent around and he's attempting to eat over his left shoulder.

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