Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Home from Florida

We got up really early. This isn't the night before, it's leaving our hotel in the morning. I had to return the rental car, I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't get lost, and the airport was a good half an hour away or so.

Sunrise at the car return next to the airport. Gorgeous. I love it when the electric lights begin to match the intensity of the sky. I've probably said that before.

Back in the West. I don't know where this is, but it's a tweaked effort to get a good airplane photo from a bad original. I love taking pictures from the plane. Or just looking at the changing landscape. Give me a window seat and I'm happy.

Crater Lake, Oregon. Again, the original was pretty bad due to glare and a less-than-clear-window. The flight path to and from California often goes this close to Crater Lake. It's so beautiful and interesting with the cinder-cone in the water Click the photo and you can see the crater within the big crater.

Typical western Oregon from the air. It looks like there's a fire. We have a lot of these cotton-puff clouds usually. We're nearly home and glad to be back in a reasonable climate. Yes, there was a reason I moved to Oregon!

I always love coming into PDX. Portland has one of the prettiest and most user-friendly airports I know. It's even a good size - it's not tiny and it's not overbearing. Now we only had to drive two hours back to Astoria.

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