Saturday, August 04, 2001

August 4, Astoria: Make-up and cameras

As I'm posting this about 9 years later, I don't remember exactly what I was doing with the camera. Some days you just want to see what you look like, or see what you look like different than usual (I usually don't wear make-up, but probably should, now that I'm getting older). The first shot, of course, is horribly burned out, but it shows the rug on the wall from Salasaca, Ecuador.

Ah. Not burned out.

Here's my first digital camera - the one I got before leaving Colorado.

Me again. Writing from 2010, I've been trying to grow my hair that long again. I wasn't having to color it yet in this photo, but between then and now it started coming in gray (and not in a nice way), so it's been through coloring and styling, and I kinda prefer the old hippie look. I'm on my way back there. Oh, hmm. I remember now. I was placing a personal ad and I needed a current photo. That's one of the scariest parts, especially when I'm feeling overweight. Well, actually, the whole thing is scary.

The back yard outside my Bond Street apartment.

I took this from the deck of the apartment balcony (slash fire escape). What a wonderful place!

Sunset from my apartment.

Sunset, part 2. Who ever said the Bond Street address was a slum? I'll take this slum any day.

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