Wednesday, August 08, 2001

August 8, Astoria: Living Space

Astoria, Oregon ~ August 8, 2001

Funky, but it's nice to remember these things. I thought I was in heaven. A living space begins to emerge from the clutter of packed and unpacked boxes. There's my futon on the right and a foam pad on the left, which may have been more comfortable sleeping than the futon. I bought a salmon colored piece of thick fabric intending to make a covering with it, and some white furry fabric intending to make a pillow. Neither got done, but it was fun having the colors around. The music box was not chosen for its design. It was in the price range, it sounded pretty good, and having music was glorious. Even though the apartment was small, the layout with the staggered doorways and the wide hall made an effective sound baffle. It's the first place I'd lived where I needed two sound systems. When it's not dark, those two windows look out over the river. It was incredible. Kate bought me the Scandinavian circular thing when we stayed our first night on the Coast at the Crest Motel.

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