Thursday, October 02, 2014

Working on 1996

April 22, 1996 ~ Gateway, Colorado
Photo by Marco Herranz

I've been having fun with Weebly making my new web site and figuring out how to make things work. Always, one of the hardest parts is figuring out menus, layouts, basic organization. That was going pretty well until I ran up against things Weebly is doing poorly or not at all. I almost want to go back to habd-building, but that is so slow and tedious. I will either find ways around the stumbling blocks by working with them more or (more likely) start simplifying - especially the internal menu pages. Ugh. I liked my design. I guess I don't know enough about what it does well (or not). It seems totally unable to use name codes to jump to certain parts of a page and I've designed pages where the "drag and drop" elements, don't.

Here's one page I do like - I think. I wanted to make the top listing clickable so you could jump down to the page sections, but the coding doesn't work that way. The galleries are easy, and that was something I especially wanted.

No, I think a different arrangement is needed - but not tonight.

My Web Page:


Francisca said...

I really like the page... Nice and clean!

Pat Tillett said...

I also really like it. Of course, I also really like the subject matter.