Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sergio Arrives in Miami

Lee, Ready and Waiting

Sergio Gets through Customs 

They Found Each Other!

What an exciting day! Around noon Lee picked up my tapir friend and colleague of about 10 (?) years, Sergio, from the airport in Miami. Sergio is also the Tapir Preservation Fund's Vice President. In a day or two they will start their trip across the US to Oregon, where Sergio will visit for a few more weeks. We've never met in person, although Lee met with Sergio in Bogota for a couple of hours on his trip there. Cuban food - a good start! Facebook says I'm with them, but only in spirit. Hopefully both of them will be photoblogging the trip. I will share their posts. This should be fun.

First Stop, Cuban Food and Lots of Coke

1 comment:

Raksha said...

Great pictures! The first thing I thought when I saw that top one in my Blogger dashboard was, "That can't be Sergio!" lol

This adventure appears to be off to a great start...although I hope Lee decides to do his own blogging.