Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No Rocks

August 20, 2014 ~ Astoria, Oregon

Taken with my phone camera, toward the end of the day, this pic is a bit fuzzy. I normally carry the Canon, but Kent had borrowed it for a project. I'm trying to get out more now that it's doing less damage to walk a few yards or drive to someplace where I can take photos. What was amazing about today is that even after working on the web site all day I still wanted to walk to the bench, and when I did, my feet felt almost normal, not like I was walking in shoes filled with gravel. Even after I got home, the flatness in my feet stayed with me. 

This may be a first in a long time. The "rocks in the feet" sensation (and blood under my skin at the ends of my toes) still has not been explained, except as veins becoming tender and swelling up. Why is hard to say, but I've had this going on for over four years now, since June 2010, with a brief exception after my first parathyroid surgery in April 2012. Maybe the the change in thyroid medication is helping.

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