Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fantastic Bargains and More

My new page style for the painted pins has been so successful that I'm going to apply it to two other categories I've been playing with for years: bulk items and special, unique, oddball, few-of-a-kind. These two have been tough so far because all my ideas until this one have been labor-intensive or they didn't work. This one is pretty fast and not at all cumbersome. And it's versatile.

The bulk/discount/fantastic bargain page is up, but I've only listed anacondas and herons with frog so far. These orange horses are next, and after that I'll get started on the unique and special items page. Each page can easily accommodate 25 to 30 listings, so it will be very useful.

A recent goal was to rethink abundance. Things do seem to be flowing better.

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