Monday, August 27, 2012

Four More

I've put four more collages in my Etsy Store over the past two days as well as putting more painted animal pins online. We sold a couple of hummingbird pins this morning, so maybe it's helping even though I didn't work on the hummingbirds directly.

As for the collages, I like the second one especially, the cow is funny, and I started to appreciate the one with the gorilla skull and the salmon again when I began making the notes for it on Etsy. They always mean something when I'm done with them, although I almost never plan anything because it rarely works. The fun is in seeing how random images, when put together, express something or lead me somewhere. I didn't dissect the collages, but I did find a few words to say about each in the blurb. It seems the '80s were productive years for collage-making (also the end of the '70s), and all of the collages above are from the 1980s.

I bought some new portfolios today, and tomorrow will begin organizing. Also, as the guy in the store termed it, "editing." That is, trash can for the ones that truly didn't work or aren't worth keeping.

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Raksha said...

I didn't realize you had an Etsy store, but then I clicked on your link and saw that it's only been in existence since August 23rd. I have an Etsy store too, but I'm going to link to it yet. I opened it about two years ago, but not very many people know about it. It's currently inactive because I'm now in the process of re-thinking it.

I looked at your animal pins also, and they look like something that would do very well on Etsy, if you're thinking about opening another store. A lot of Etsy vendors have two shops if they make things and collect things--and many of them do both. So they have one shop for their creations and another one for their yard sale and thrift shop finds.