Friday, October 07, 2011

Energizer Bunny and Storage Boxes

Still going here. More and more, this (above) is beginning to look like this (below) . . .

. . . and this (below).

There is still some of this (below) left and it actually seems very manageable now.

These fantastic bankers' boxes (I love them) moved me from Colorado to Oregon in 2001. They are so cool. The size is easy to handle, they are modular and stackable, and I used minimal padding because the boxes are sturdy and the stuff inside didn't get crushed. And, they have lids (easy as pie to open and close). An added bonus: when you arrive at your destination with almost zero furniture (plus you have things that are not easy to find a place for in your new apartment), you can stack them and drape with nice fabric and have instant tables and headboards. I did that for a number of years, and now I'm down to my final few unpacked boxes. It's kind of sad, really. I've grown to love the look. Maybe I'll keep a few for old times' sake.

Just briefly, one of the things that got me started on this Total Cleanup thing besides my new NeatDesk scanner was the desire to start working on the old letters project again. Seriously. The Hudson and Joy: A History in Letters blog that I started was a good first step into the digital media era, but it was becoming cumbersome, and I'd barely started. A couple of weekends ago I set up a new section of my web site for the project, and it's a lot easier to manage and should make a good presentation of the mass of material I'm beginning to bite back into. Here it is! There are already some sizable downloadable files, and (as I said before of the blog) I'm just getting started.

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Jacob said...

Nice to hear from you, Sheryl. I had to quit some things, but I'm going to reinstate The Villages blog...

And frankly, I've gone through most of my good Colorado photos, so that blog will have to wait until our next trip which will be ... I have no idea!

Don't know whether I told you but I fell in Tennessee in July on a golf course, ended up have knee surgery six weeks ago and am just now beginning to walk somewhat normally. The tendons tore off the kneecap so it will take some physical therapy probably to get them to work right again.

Fun, heh?

Hope you're doing alright. I'm impressed with the cleanup you show on these pages. But now I feel guilty looking around our office! Thanks a lot! :-) Just kidding. At my age, who care about a little mess?

Francisca said...

Well, you HAVE been busy, my friend! Between the wheezes and coughs, that is... hope that is more behind you now. The history project is an interesting one... so authentic (obviously), and I can't think of anyone more suitable to bring the stories to light than you. You obviously got some of that story-telling DNA of your ancestors.

A friendly note: check the typing of your title on you new webpage - A Hisotry (sic)... Also, the one thing I like about the blog format better than a normal web page is the narrower width of the margins. It's harder on the eyes to read the very wide margins... and the small font size. :-)