Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Impulse Purchases

Back home. This is the only picture I took today. I took it with the camera in my phone, and it rather boggles my mind that it came out so well. For the first two years of my Blackberry career, my camera had no phone. I'd see phone photos online and they were so poor I didn't care about not having one, but when I got my second Blackberry (a Bold), I could not believe how well the photos came out. I don't want to go into Blackberries much today, though, because I have a whole story about phones I may want to rant about. Back to this picture. Right away I notice the lovely multicolored drawstring bag. I bought a bunch of them over a period of time when I lived in Colorado, using them for tarot cards and other things. I became so addicted, I bought way more than I needed, even sending fabric I'd bought to be made into bags, but I have to say they are one of the purchases I have never regretted, because I use them for many things and have gotten so much pleasure out of the colors and patterns. I use this one for my portable hard drive when I travel, so that's why it's on the desk. "We" just got home.

The big, wide cup is an impulse buy that I'm glad I made. I bought four just because I saw them and they appealed to me. I use them every day for just about everything from oatmeal to soup. The shape and size are perfect. They were probably pretty inexpensive, but when I bought them every dollar counted even more than it does today. I remember it was a struggle to convince myself I could have them. So glad I did it.

The green box is another story. At the moment, it's only holding my computer up at eye level, which would better be done with books. (I should swap it out.) I thought it would be cool to digitize all, or at least some of the dozens of cassette tapes I'd made from borrowed music or had purchased on cassette - especially one I have yet to find on CD - but once I read the instructions, I got scared. I'm only half geek, and the other half was pretty sure I was going to do irreparable damage to my files, disk or something. That was quite a long time ago, and I still have the thing.

Enough babbling for today.

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Jacob said...

I love this post...and yes, cell phones can take very good photos these days, but I just quit on my Verizon Fascinate 'cause it was too big and I don't need the Internet on my phone and it cost too much, blah, blah, blah. Furthermore, I've got a passel of cameras to take pictures with! :-)

But I am also an impulse purchasers. Today, for example, we were in Belk's department store and I saw a Izod sweatshirt (which is needed in cool central Florida during the winter). It was marked at 75% off and the original price was $44. Can't beat that, I thought so I took it to the register. Turns out it was further marked down to $5.49.

As you might expect, I ran back to the rack, found three more. Ended up with four new Izod sweatshirts for about $22. And I'm not sorry at all! :-)

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I LOVE bargains and your mugs are awesome. I love my larger mugs. Small ones are just a waste of time. :-)