Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fort George Incident

Teagan at Ft. George So I walk into this bar and Shorty stuffs a Goldfish in my mouth. Not just ANY goldfish. Note the captial "G." It's a Brand Name cracker, and he was good, too. Shorty, I mean. He caught the action, made the grab, and WHOMP. Right in the kisser. The Goldfish wasn't bad, either.

One for me, several for Shorty.

Yeah, I know. This one is out of focus, but I needed pix for my story. You can see how deftly Shorty (Teagan) handles pieces of food. In this case, I think it was bread. Speaking of "right in the kisser," the kid had had a little accident with a bathtub and a mat the night before. The doc said all was fine, but he still had a bit of a fat lip. Gave it to himself. He seems to be entering one of those stages.

I think we all cherished these moments. It wasn't long before Wiggle Worm was outa there and Mommy and Daddy had to put down their burritos and play herd dog.

The classic shoe phone - always in style.

Byeeeeeeeee! See ya around, Kid.

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Jacob said...

Well, that brings back a lot of memories! Tough job, raising kids. This one looks like a lot of fun, but I'll be he's also something of a rascal!

Cute series!

Catherine Todd said...

This story is so funny... especially "One for me, several for Shorty." And "right in the kisser, fat lip, gave it to himself!"

Great kid and great experience it seems. Made my day, and thanks!

Catherine Todd said...

And "the classic shoe phone; always in style..."

How do you think these things up? LOL!