Sunday, February 03, 2008

At the Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon

This is Youngs River seen from ground level at the Astoria Column. I like how open the veiw is with the pastel colors. And the spelling of "Youngs" is right. I don't know why I has no apostrophe.

Here's a boat made by the local Indians. I'll have to go back and read the plaque so I can say more about it.

Turning northwest, this is the Columbia River looking toward the mouth. The Astoria-Megler bridge stretches the four-point-something miles to Washington. The column is a favorite walk from town for a lot of locals and probably for tourists as well.

A beautiful rainbow shows itself for a moment over the Columbia. Weather can come and go so quickly. Rainbows over the water are not unusual, but they're always a surprising treat.

Here's the column itself at the top of the hill where the previous pictures were taken.

And this is the top of the column. I wish I hadn't cut off the spire, but it's still a nice photo - nice colors.

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