Friday, December 07, 2007

A few pix for the old year

Sunset: A ship on the Columbia River

I'll start with some photos from the end of 2007, in which year (as I notice) I didn't post any. [Note: now that I've learned to back-date posts, I may get around to adding some.] It's been a busy year - more on that later. I took this pic on December 7, 2007, at 6 pm from the deck outside my office on the Columbia River in Astoria. I love the colors on the river, and the quickly-changing weather. I think many of the pix on the blog this year will be about color.

December 2, 2007: A Lull in the Storm

Astoria had a near-hurricane early in December. This photo shows none of the damage. I like the colors through the rain. It was an eerily calm day as Lee and I drove through town knowing there was more to come. Click on the photo to see the house through sheets of water.

More colors, more rain

December 4, 2007, near Clatskanie, Oregon, on Highway 30 along the Columbia River.

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