Monday, January 08, 2007

The red journal: "The Goal" and Pier 11

From the journal:

"2007. Monday. I've been finding a little time at night to read "The Goal." Important business ideas. Looked at Mark's rental at Pier 11 w/ Mark & Lee, then w/ Sue. We all like it, but water is bad. Mark will make some changes. Not totally sure of layout."

You can just see the corner of Pier 11 - the red building at the left of the photo near the water. In fact, I wasn't looking at Pier 11 itself, but at the front part of the whitle building east of it on the same pier. It's been raining hard for weeks, and every flaw in the building showed to its worst advantage as far as letting the water in. In hindsight, although we all loved some of the aspects of the building, the layout would have been awkward to work with for what we needed. It's just as well that it rained.

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