Wednesday, September 05, 2001

The Sitka Spruce at Klootchy Creek: Oregon Heritage Tree

I was still pretty lonely in Astoria and hadn't met many people yet. Sometimes I'd get in the car and drive in any direction to see the incredible scenery here or find something in nature to be happy about. The Sitka Spruce was advertised along the road. I almost didn't stop, thinking it was some tourist thing I wouldn't be interested in, but I'm glad I did stop. It was magnificent.

These photos don't show how huge it is. Scroll down to the first link. It will help show the size in comparison to humans.

The famous sitka spruce is above - other beautiful trees in the parking area are below.

A cool tree in the parking area. I was still getting used to how green this state is. It was quite a contrast to the (equally beautiful in other ways) arid Colorado desert and mountains.

Another tree in the parking area. The shade was deep. I don't remember if the day was warm, or not, but it was cool here under the trees. I loved the dense feeling of the woods, even here along the highway.

I dated the post for the date I took the pictures, September 5, 2001, but I'm writing this on December 7, 2008. Last year's storm brought down the big spruce. I haven't gone back to see the ruins of the tree, but I heard about it at the time. It seems to be more noted in death than in life. I'm glad I had a chance to see it. Here are some links: