Tuesday, July 01, 1986

July: Gray Collage with Fish

Untitled Collage, Gray with FishThe bit of photo in the upper right is a picture I took and printed in Santa Barbara at Sanctuary House. I'd found some shark cartelage on the beach that day. It was huge - maybe 15 or 20 feet long. Someone said it could have been a nurse shark or basking shark. Thee was also a lot of kelp nearby. I was fascinated with shapes of the shark, so unusual, because they're rarely seen on land. The wide blob of paint to the left of the hand feeding the skull is silver, and looks better in real life. I feel like I did this one on the floor in the upstairs apartment on West Valerio (?) Street. Dates and locations will probably come together as I post more artwork. (This is the beginning of what I hope will turn out to be quite a bit of archiving paper onto the blog.)

(Dated July 1986 / Posted September 7, 2009)